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SAP Document Management Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona

Verbella offers document management solutions to companies operating in Phoenix, Arizona. These custom solutions offer a simple way to organize the day to day needs of office management. Some of our services include Kofax, OpenText, and SAP. These very popular brands for document management solutions are understood and used by members of our team. We specialize in SAP Content Management Solutions

We specialize in SAP Content Management Solutions utilizing the SAP Content Server and other third party document repositories like FileNet, OpenText and SharePoint to name a few. We offer these solutions to not only provide Phoenix companies with the ability to deal with an overwhelming volume of content but to also allow companies to have instant access to this content.

Phoenix, Arizona SAP Content Management Solutions

Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona as well as the largest city in the state. Phoenix has a population of 1,615,017 residents living within the city limits making it the fifth most populated city nationwide. Phoenix was settled in 1867 as an agricultural community. The city of Phoenix became incorporated in 1881 as a city. Phoenix is located in the northeastern part of the Sonoran Desert and has a subtropical desert climate. One driving force of Phoenix’s economy during the 1900s was the “Five C’s” (Cotton, Cattle, Citrus, Climate, and Copper) until high-tech companies began moving into the valley and air conditioning made residences much more realistic and comfortable during the summer.